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Thika to assemble long distance trucks  [06-01-2016]



Thika-based Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers (KVM), has deepened its portfolio with the production of trucks targeting the long distance road transport segment. 

The assembler has for long been relying on making institution buses and public service vehicles as its main source of income. The firm has entered into the production of flatbed, skeletal and bike trailers nearly two years after it discontinued the same line of business.

“Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers in addition to manufacturing heavy MAN trucks also offers additional products to be used by the trucks in form of tri-axle trailers which are used for ferrying large cargos,” said the company on its website.

“The trailers can come in different forms such as flatbed trailers, tri axle cargo trailers depending on the needs and intended usage by the customers.

“In addition to the tri axle trailers being produced, a container, for ferrying liquids or gases, to be fixed on the flatbed trailer, can also be manufactured for our customers,” added the statement.

Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers official said they started assembling the trailers last year having discontinued nearly two years ago.

“We used to assemble the trailers but stopped two years ago. We have just come back to the market,’’ said the source speaking on condition of anonymity. It is not clear why the firm has opted to return to the truck building business at a time that most road haulers see a bleak outlook with the prospect of an efficient standard gauge railway.

Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers managing director David Percival could not be reached for comment as he was said to be abroad.

The company recently won a deal to assemble Mobius Motors a Kenyan made car that is designed for Africa’s rough terrain and off-road driving.


Source: Business Daily Africa


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