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Free Fuel From Shell!  [01-08-2014]

Every week, Shell Company will announce a particular fuelling station where automobile owners will have the opportunity to fuel their cars for free before the hour ends.

Polycarp Igathe, the Managing Director of the company that supplies Shell fuels stated that the company would be conducting a limited Fuel Save campaign in a period of more than a month.  He continued to state that for drivers to have access to the free fuel, they need to demand a sticker from Shell fuel station attendants. Drivers with vehicles bearing the FuelSave sticker will have the chance to have their cars fueled to the tune of 1,000 Kenya Shillings. However, the tickets are only valid if the drivers can drive to the particular service station before the hour ends when they announce the happy hour.

With the campaign starting in Nairobi, drivers in Coast, Rift Valley, Western and Mount Kenya Regions will also have a chance to participate in the FuelSave Campaign.

So drivers, take this chance and participate in this campaign to help save fuel.

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